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Weird Christmas Celebrations

Christmas Is Awesome - But Weird

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If you are someone who hates the Western style of Christmas party, don’t feel pigeon holed. Plenty of other countries do other cool stuff. If you fancy a change why not do it like they do in another culture?:


Christmas Is Awesome - Japan KFC

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The Japanese have very few Christians among them and consequently couldn’t give two flying sleds about Jesus. They all celebrate in an incredibly magical way — they eat KFC on Christmas day, they even order it well in advance to avoid disappointment. Read more about that here.

But, if you are sending a festive card to someone in Japan, don’t send a red one, they are associated with funeral announcements so it might give off the wrong vibe

Ethiopia & Eritrea

Christmas Is Awesome - Ethiopia Christmas

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In the above countries they reckon the shepherds were playing an African type of hockey when they were visited by the angels. Maybe they were, who am I to argue. To remember this they all play a match on Christmas day.


Christmas Is Awesome - Evil Santa Krampus

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Krampus is like an evil winter demon who is much, much cooler than Santa or any of his shit elves. Read more about Krampus here.


Christmas Is Awesome - El Caganer

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They have a statue of a guy taking a shit in their nativity scenes. His name is El Caganer meaning “the crapper”. No one is too sure why. They also have a Christmas log that poops in the fire, and then they hit it with a stick. Bravo.


In Venezuela Christmas parties often involve skateboards, roller blades and bikes.


Christmas Is Awesome - Ukraine

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Ukrainians, instead of vibing their tree up with glitzy baubles and tinsel, cover it in plastic spiders and spider webs. It’s like a special kind of Jesus-based Halloween.


Christmas Is Awesome - Estonia

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Christmas Eve = sauna time!


Cubans make sculptures out of light bulbs.


Christmas Is Awesome - Bavaria

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Are you considering partying like a Bavarian? Then whack on your lederhosen and fire off mortars. Yes please.

See? Christmas offers a little something for everyone, so cheer up you grumpy git.



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