It’s Official: This Woman Has The Largest Fake Boobs In The World

This trooper is carrying around 20kg of boob.

Mayra Hills AKA Beshine is a German adult model with measurements at 59-28-36. She officially has the largest augmented breasts in the world packed with 10,000cc of saline implants.

Each breasts weights 20lbs (around 10kg) and her bra size is a staggering 32Z, or the same as a XXX cup.

Pretty ridiculous if you ask us. More power to her if she’s happy but can she even put on her own bra unassisted? Can she get dressed on her own? What happens if she wants to explore this terrifying deep sea cave one day? Just seems like life would be quite difficult when you’re carrying 20kg of boob around:





Yikes! Well, at least it’s not the worst boob job of all time.


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