30 Amazing Photos Taken By Drones

2014 was the year of the drone. Here are some of the most amazing images our new friend has given us.

In a lot of ways you could call 2014 the year of the drone. Back in the mists of ancient 2013 no one could afford a drone, but nowadays everyone’s got one in their back pocket. I don’t know whether that’s a particularly awesome thing or not but it’s given us some nice videos to watch which is something I guess.

We’ve seen Chernobyl from the eye-line of a drone, the first ever drone porn movie and a kangaroo smashing a drone out of the sky. And that’s just the start.

Below is a compilation of some of the most impressive drone based photos of last year. It’s all good. Enjoy:

1) Sofia, Bulgaria

100th anniversary celebrations of two of the country’s biggest soccer teams in Sofia, Bulgaria

Best Drone Photos - 100th anniversary of two of the country’s biggest soccer teams in Sofia, Bulgaria

2) Annecy, France

Annecy, AKA the Venice of the Alps.

Best Drone Photos - Annecy, aka Venice of the Alps, France

3) Bali Barat National Park, Indonesia

It looks to me like that bird of prey might be ready to strike. We’ve seen that type of action before. I’m not sure these predators of the sky are as keen on drones as the rest of us.

Best Drone Photos - Bali Barat National Park in Indonesia

4) Karakorum, Pakistan

The otherworldly looking Baltoro Glacier. Nippy but nice.

Best Drone Photos - Baltoro Glacier, Karakorum, Pakistan


5) Bourtange, Holland

Bourtange, in eastern Netherlands, has for some reason been built in the shape of a star. I would be jealous but I’m assuming it floods regularly.

Best Drone Photos - Bourtange, in eastern Netherlands

6) Sydney, Australia

Circular Quay.

Best Drone Photos - Circular Quay, Sydney, Australia

7) El Dorado County, California

Best Drone Photos - El Dorado County, California

8) Fatehpur Sikri, India

Best Drone Photos - Fatehpur Sikri, India

9) Hlinsko, Czech Republic

Best Drone Photos - Hlinsko, Czech Republic

10) Iquitos, Peru

Best Drone Photos - Iquitos, Peru

11)  Katskhi Pillar, Georgia

In case you’re wondering, the little house on the top is inhabited by a hermit who’s been chilling up there (probably baked out of his mind) for decades.

Best Drone Photos - Katskhi Pillar in Georgia - hermit

12) Athens, Greece

Best Drone Photos - Kids playing in a soccer league in Athens, Greece

13) Pisa, Italy

Best Drone Photos - Leaning Tower of Pisa

14) Philadelphia, USA

Marines in Philadelphia prepare for a wreath-laying ceremony

Best Drone Photos - Marines in Philadelphia prepare for a wreath-laying ceremony

15) Mougins, France

Best Drone Photos - Mougins near Cannes in France

16) Sion, Switzerland

Best Drone Photos - near Sion, Switzerland

17) Niagara Falls, Canada

Best Drone Photos - Niagara Falls, Canada

18) Philadelphia, USA

Best Drone Photos - Philadelphia wedding

19) Espirito Santo, Brazil

Best Drone Photos - Praia da Bacutia em Guarapari, Espirito Santo, Brazil

20) Abkhazia, Russia

Best Drone Photos - Russian beachgoers in Abkhazia

21) Sacre-Coeur, Paris

Best Drone Photos - Sacre-Coeur, on the tip of Montmartre, in Paris

Best Drone Photos - Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

23) Manila, Philippines

Best Drone Photos - San Jose del Monte City, outside of Manila, Philippines

24) Seljalandsfoss, Iceland

Best Drone Photos - Seljalandsfoss, Iceland

25) Brighton, UK

Best Drone Photos - Sunset Brighton

26) Tahaa Lagoon, French Polynesia

Best Drone Photos - Tahaa Lagoon, French Polynesia

27) San Luis Potosi, Mexico

Best Drone Photos - Tamul waterall in the state of San Luis Potosi, Mexico

28) Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor Church in Barcelona

Best Drone Photos - Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor Church in Barcelona

29) Les Gorges Du Verdon, France

 Theo Sanson walks on a 280 feet long highline at 980 feet of altitude in Les Gorges Du Verdon in France. Nutter.

Best Drone Photos - Theo Sanson walks on a 280 feet long highline at 980 feet of altitude in Les Gorges Du Verdon in France

30) Varazze, Italy

I’d imagine that a Santa outfit would be pretty heavy when it was soaked in sea water. It’s not as mental as surfing in a Siberian snow storm though.

Best Drone Photos - Varazze, Italy


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