Brazilian Man Takes Photos Of His Colourful Poop

Have you ever thought about taking photos of your own multicoloured feces and putting them in your online portfolio?

Brazil has brought us many things – Carnival, vertical pubic hair and Baile-Funk Fight Clubs to name a few, but now they’ve treated us to something even better.

Gabriel Morais of Sao Paulo decided it would be a good idea to eat loads of the same type of food for 30-36 hour stretches, namely beetroot, Froot Loops and sweetcorn. When the time came for his bowels to make a move he didn’t just flush away the results, oh no, he placed them lovingly on mumsy’s best dishes and got the camera out.

Credit where it’s due, the before shot of the beetroot is nicely presented, but Gabriel isn’t going to be awarded any Michelin Stars anytime soon. If these plates turned up at a restaurant they’d be sent straight back, because quite frankly – they’re shit.

Now this ‘project’ is supposed to highlight how the food we eat affects our body but I think it’s more of an excuse to curl one out on some colourful crockery.

There’s not really much more I can say – Here are some pictures of poo on a plate.

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