This Badass 9 Year Old Girl Just Smashed A Navy SEAL 24 Hour Obstacle Course

Badass 9 Year Old GIrl

You have no excuses.

For once, we’ve got a story coming your way that shines a positive light on good old Florida. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still in the realm of bizarre, though night quite as bizarre as the woman who was jailed for having a threesome with her dogs, nor the man who was jailed for attempting to start a so called incest family,  but it’s bizarre all the same.

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Nine-year-old Milla Star Bizzotto of Miami, Florida has recently completed an obstacle course, which has been created by a Navy SEAL, for an event called BattleFrog’s 24-hour Xtreme race, which essentially means she’s a hell of a lot harder than you, me, your dad and my dad put together.

Badass 9 Year Old Navy Seal Race

The race itself is made up of a five mile run, which contains nearly thirty obstacles, as well as a swimming event all in one lap. Milla didn’t complete one lap, but six, culminating in a thirty mile long course, all in all. Milla entered the competition with her father, Christian, as she was not allowed to enter the competition alone, being under the age of 18. Christian Bizotto, her dad, said of her feat to the Miami Herald*** “When we finished, all she wanted to do was another lap […] She was so amazing the entire race. She is really so relentless and refuses to quit”.

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On hearing about Milla’s entry into the race, one might assume that she unfortunately has a pushy parent forcing her into taking part in the race, though this would be far from the truth. According to her dad, Milla started training at the age of seven when he was working as a CrossFit coach of her own volition.

In preparation for the race, she trained three hours a day, five days a week, and did her homework in the car to and from school to make more time for training in the build up to the race. Sounds like she’s on par, dedication-wise, to this dude who smashes it in the gym in spite of having one arm. We, as people, officially have no excuse for being the lazy pieces of shit that we are.

Unfortunately there’s no footage of her actually running the race (it was 24 hours long anyway!) but just watch her training video below if you still don’t understand what an absolute badass she is:

Whoa. According to Milla, being bullied is what inspired her to compete in such an extreme event, citing name calling and lack of inclusion in team events at school inspired her to seek out this type of challenge – “I didn’t want anyone else to go through what I did. I want to set an example and show other kids that they can do or be anything they want.” Milla also went on to say to the Miami Herald “I want to inspire a generation. I don’t get bullied anymore. I know how to stand up for myself now. And I love what I do. I want to do it forever.”

Damn right I bet she doesn’t get bullied anymore. Milla’s going to be the toughest kid, boy or girl, in Florida for years to come, let alone her school. That’s definitely one way to get your own back on bullies without having to deliver your own brand of hardcore justice, like this guy.


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