This Guy Only Has One Arm But Still Smashes It In The Gym Thanks To His Awesome Prosthetic

Robotic Arm Gym

No excuses.

How many times have you come up with an excuse for not going to the gym? Oh it’s raining, I’m too tired, I’m hungry wah wah wah, I bet it’s at least more than a few and there are probably a whole different variety of excuses there that I haven’t even touched upon. Well, if you ever need any inspiration to actually get off your butt and hit the gym, then you should check out this video and watch this guy in action.

His name is Mak Okun and he’s a 24 year old dude from Arizona who was born without an arm. He didn’t let this phase him with his goals though and worked with Advanced Arm Dynamics to develop a ‘sleeve’ which functioned as an arm for him in the gym and enabled him to bench the massive weights that his body is capable of. Impressive.

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However, Mak’s impressive physique isn’t only down to his prosthetic robot arm and his time in the gym – he says that it’s also due to his balanced diet and a hell of a lot of cardio. Basically this dude only has one arm and he probably looks better than 90% of the people reading this – get off your ass and hit the gym at some point this weekend.

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