Watch This Bully Get What He Deserves After Picking On A Kid Who Doesn’t Want To Fight

Bully Gets Lamped

These videos never get old.

It seems like we post one of these videos every other week, but the truth of the matter is that they never get old or boring and that we could probably keep watching them until the cows come home and not get tired of seeing a bully get his comeuppance.

In this one, we’re over in Holland (apparently, although it doesn’t sound like any Dutch I’ve ever heard) and one guy is starting on another guy who is clearly reluctant to get involved. That is, until he snaps and unleashes some rough justice on the bully:

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Just perfect and so satisfying for everyone watching at home. I always love the way the bullies try and get up and shake it off like nothing has happened to them but they just know that they’ve been absolutely owned and aren’t going to live it down any time soon.

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