Woman Spends Most Of $220,000 Inheritance On Drugs And Says ‘Why Not?’

Brodie Bond

‘It’s not every day you get that much money.’

If I inherited a lot of money for whatever reason then I imagine that I would spend at least some of it on having a good time and partying, but I think I’d probably be realistic and invest the majority of it somewhere safely, like in property or Bitcoin or something.

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This isn’t the mindset that of Brodie Bond, from Morwel, in Australia though. She was left out of her father’s will and successfully fought this ruling to the tune of being awarded $220,000 and then proceeding to spend $150,000 of it on getting high for the next nine months. Can kinda see why her father didn’t want her getting any of that money.

The story gets even better as she explains that she spent the remaining $70,000 on clothes, alcohol and a car, which she later crashed. Perfect – check out the interview with her below:


Brodie Bond is the first person to put her hand up and admit she’s made mistakes. But none bigger than blowing her inheritance of more than $200,000 on clothes and drugs. #9ACA | FULL STORY:

Posted by A Current Affair on Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Damn. What an absolute idiot. I suppose I would say I feel sorry for her, but if you’re spending $220,000 on literally nothing in a year then I’m not gonna feel too bad for her because she pretty much got a way bigger opportunity than most people ever will in their life and literally threw it all away. Can’t be too sympathetic about that – I think even if I was doing drugs for a whole year I would struggle to spend that much. Ridiculous.

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