Why Eating Salads Is For Losers

A lot of people think salads are the best. But they are very wrong indeed.

Nuts, Pulses & Sauces

Salads Are For Losers - Too Much Nuts

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“Ooooh, look at me! I’m so healthy eating my salad, look how cool I am…” Fair enough, if salad is your style, go for it. A lot of people like the fashion of looking healthy – CrossFit, Bikram yoga. I have no problem with that, as long as you realise why you are doing it.

As soon as you bang nuts, pulses and sauces into your salad you no longer have a healthy dinner. It’s just a show piece to go with your sports T-shirt and cutting edge hair style. That’s right, it’s a show salad. It is no longer healthy. Nuts are filled with “good fats”, true, but you must realise that no matter how “good” a fat is, it will still fatten you.

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