Watching Lesbians Make Out With Men Is As Awkward As It Sounds

Lesbians Kissing Men

Turns out they don’t all secretly crave dick.

There’s a mentality – as ignorant as it sounds – amongst some men that all lesbians aren’t actually homosexual but in fact love dick and wish they were making out with men, but are just super pro feminist or something so are acting lesbian to get back at their male counterparts.

Of course that’s complete bullshit, but the guys over at The Human Experiment decided to put it to the test by inviting some lesbians to make out with men. And yeah, contrary to ignorant belief, it’s about as awkward as it sounds and none of the lesbians really enjoyed it at all.

Having said that though none of them completely hated it, but you can imagine they were probably just being diplomatic.

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If anyone reading this actually thinks being a lesbian is a phase, then hopefully these clips will have helped redefine that opinion for you.

If you enjoyed that, then how about a flashback to that video of 20 strangers making out for the first time.


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