Neighbour Busts Man Stealing Packages From People’s Doors, Saves Christmas For Everyone

What a hero.

They’ve clearly got a decent neighbourhood watch program going on in this neighbourhood over in Spokane, Washington. This bum in the shorts tries to steal a package from outside someone’s house, only to get confronted by an ultra-keen neighbour.

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Things escalate and get very awkward indeed as they wait for the police to arrive.

Watch below:

What a hero. At first I was confused as to why the thief was walking around in shorts in the snow but then you see the neighbour himself is shirtless and hasn’t got any shoes on, and you realise that’s probably just how they do it in Spokane.

But really this thief doesn’t have a clue how to pull the perfect Christmas crime. You don’t go around stealing packages from porches in poor areas, you do it in rich areas where everyone’s going to be at work during the day and not hanging around bare foot in the snow waiting for idiots like you to come along stealing Christmas presents. Not to mention there was probably something really lame in that package like a lava lamp or something. Not like in a nice area where you might’ve got your hands on a PS4 at the very least.

Either way, big up shirtless dude for saving Christmas. Hopefully didn’t have to use that shotgun once the film cut out.

As for the thief, possibly not as humiliated as the Swansea car jacker who got completely owned by the whole street.


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