VIDEO: 20 Strangers Make Out With Each Other For The First Time

20 Strangers Kiss For First Time

Weird idea for a video but somehow it’s the perfect combination of awkward and cute.

I’m not sure if this is cool or awkward or weird or a combination of all three but either way it’s kind of compelling. It’s probably because they decided to shoot it in black and white and used an emo soundtrack.

Filmmaker Tatia Pileva decided to collect 20 strangers and pair them off and then get them to make out and the results are pretty cute to be honest. They’re all really hesitant and awkward to begin with but once they get going they forget the cameras are there and really go for it.

There’s also a fair bit of diversity included with a gay and lesbian couple going for it, but my favourite participants have to be the old woman and the young hipster with loads of tattoos – whoever had the idea to film them making out is definitely a bit weird.

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