VIDEO: Romanian Thugs Pick Up Old Woman And Spin Her Around In Circles By Her Head

Romanian Thug Swings Grandma By Her Hair

In Romania instead of working out thugs pick up old women by their head and spin them around like a discus.

This is quite terrifying/disgusting in terms of the fact that this woman is just walking down the street minding her own business when these drunk Romanian thugs decide to pick her up by her hair/shawl and spin her around in a circle like they’re throwing discusses and she’s screaming and it’s horrible that they’re doing this to her BUT there is definitely something kind of funny about it too. It’s just the way that she’s spinning around – it looks so funny and weird and unusual. I’m sorry I’m a bad person.

In any case, these thugs are obviously pricks and the police over in Bucharest are looking for them for questioning. It’s particularly gross how the dude poses in the muscle pose after he does it and then runs down the street and gets her again. Pricks. I mean once was slightly funny, twice is just plain mean and not cool at all.

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