Russian Vigilante Babe On A Motorcycle Films Herself Starting Beef With People Who Drop Litter

Motorcycle Litter Vigilante

People who litter are the scum of society.

This isn’t perhaps as brutal as Brazilian vigilante methods – where a thief is hog tied and dumped on an anthill as punishment for his crimes – but it’s still a pretty effective way of letting some dirty litterbugs know that they are absolute dickheads.

This babe on a motorcycle scoots around Russia and when she spots anyone throwing litter out of their cars like the jerks that they are immediately grabs said piece of trash – or a worse piece of trash if one is nearby – and then catches up with their car and throw it inside with them, completely fucking them up and ruining their car. The best part about it is that she’s on the motorbike so after she’s performed the deed, she just speeds off into the sunset and none of her victims can get anywhere near catching her. Nailed it.

She just has to make sure she avoids a fatal motorbike accident like this one that also occurred on the streets of Russia, and she should be good to carry this on for however long she wants.


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