Amazing Photos Of Ukrainian Rioters’ Homemade Weapons

When your back’s against the wall and you need to fight for your life humans get resourceful. Here’s some incredible photos from the rioters’ front line in Kiev.

Their barricades have proved pretty successful in the last few days.

Ukraine Handmade Weapons - Barricades 5

Not everyone in Kiev is on the side of the protesters. Some citizens on the side of the police bring foam blocks and wooden slats for the police to stand on instead of the cold, treacherous ice:

Ukraine Handmade Weapons - Citizens bring wood 2

Non-slip Styrofoam – hi-tech solutions:

Ukraine Handmade Weapons - Citizens bring wood

The main weapon of choice is cobblestones, this is the level of debris left after a night of violence:

Ukraine Handmade Weapons - Cobblestone morning

Violence isn’t restricted solely to the youth:

Ukraine Handmade Weapons - Cobblestone

Fireworks have pretty much sold out across the city:

Ukraine Handmade Weapons - Fireworks

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