Amazing Photos Of Ukrainian Rioters’ Homemade Weapons

When your back’s against the wall and you need to fight for your life humans get resourceful. Here’s some incredible photos from the rioters’ front line in Kiev.

There’s a medieval feel to some of the rioters equipment. This first photo being an obvious example:

Ukraine Handmade Weapons - Trebuchet medieval

Even the shapes of the shields seem medieval inspired:

Ukraine Handmade Weapons - Group

Archery making a come back:

Ukraine Handmade Weapons - Bow and arrow

The protesters made an old school trebuchet a few nights ago which was quickly destroyed by the police. It only managed to last half a day:

Ukraine Handmade Weapons - Trebuchet

I have no idea what this contraption is, but in the right hands I’m sure it could do some damage:

Ukraine Handmade Weapons - Weird Stick

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