Amazing Photos Of Ukrainian Rioters’ Homemade Weapons

When your back’s against the wall and you need to fight for your life humans get resourceful. Here’s some incredible photos from the rioters’ front line in Kiev.

Women stay out of the night’s violence in general, but help with the daily clean up:

Ukraine Handmade Weapons - Women too clear up 2

Ukraine Handmade Weapons - Women too clear up

A defensive helmet doesn’t have to look clunky, you can still vibe it up if you want to look jazzy:

Ukraine Handmade Weapons - Women too helmet

Human ingenuity can be a terrifying thing if it’s put to work defending life. The fires in Kiev are set to keep burning tonight and for who knows how many nights after that. This is not a place for the weak-minded. This is turning into guerrilla warfare and no one is safe.

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