Amazing Photos Of Ukrainian Rioters’ Homemade Weapons



The uprising against the regime in the Ukraine has effected all strata of Kiev. Men, women and children, rich and poor are all involved. This battle with police has turned very nasty and it’s when the human mind is put under pressure that it thinks clearest. Survival is their only option so whatever they can fashion into a weapon, they will.

Here’s some amazing photos taken from Russian news outlets showing the ways in which the populace are attempting to defend themselves and attack their enemies…

Air rifles are an obvious first choice:

Ukraine Handmade Weapons - Air Rifle

Apparently this is ammonia:

Ukraine Handmade Weapons - Ammonia

They put up these nets in an attempt to stop the police’s tear gas canisters. I guess the child’s potty is just an “F___ you” to the man.

Ukraine Handmade Weapons - Barricades - Grenade catcher

Home made shield:

Ukraine Handmade Weapons - Barricades - Shovel Shield

A lot of time during the day is spent putting up defensive barricades. The fighting and burning are mostly restricted to after dark.

Ukraine Handmade Weapons - Barricades 2

Anything and everything is utilised to bolster their positions:

Ukraine Handmade Weapons - Barricades 3

Ukraine Handmade Weapons - Barricades 4

More pictures on next page…

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