UFC Fighter Dislocates His Shoulder While Doing ‘The Worm’ In Post-Fight Celebration (VIDEO)

This guy needs to work on his celebrations.

If you missed it, UFC light heavyweight and ultimate nut job Johnny Walker knocked out his opponent in a flash on the weekend at UFC 235… but then ended up injuring himself as well by doing the Worm as his celebration taunt:

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He’s generally nowhere near as good at celebrating as he is at actually winning his fights, as seen by the last time he tried an OTT celebration:

In an interview afterwards he has a laugh about it and says that he’s going to work on his celebrations so he doesn’t get hurt again. The guy is equal parts killing machine and joker:

To be fair if I was demolishing dudes left, right and centre, I would be practising my celebrations too. Johnny Walker just gets so hyped about winning every time that he either lands on his butt or separates his arm bone from his shoulder.

Would love to see him against that backflipping psychopath we wrote about the other week.


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