Daft Punk Have Been Well A Truly RINSED On Family Guy

Daft Punk Family Guy

Shots fired.

Daft Punk have made a timely appearance on the latest episode of Family Guy as they’re filmed winning a Grammy and the actual episode was put out the day the nominations for the Grammy awards were announced. Meta.

In their cameo appearance, the pair are seen finding an old Casio keyboard from the 80s. One of them presses the demo button and voila, a mailman turns up with a Grammy for them.

The pair are introduced when Brian says that (whatever he’s doing) is a ‘pretty sweet gig, like being in Daft Punk’. That’s clearly illustrated by the cameo.

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Man, I used to love pressing that demo button in music lessons back at school. Although, this is a pretty brutal move from Family Guy.

If you want to find out whoa actually got nominated for a Grammy, and inadvertently ripped Meek Mill a new one because of it, then click here.


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