New Details On Michael Jackson Sexual Abuse Revealed And It Is Seriously Disturbing & NSFL

This is brutal.

So HBO aired part one of ‘Leaving Neverland’ last night (it airs in the UK on Channel 4 on March 6th) and oh man, it sounds like a really difficult watch.

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I mean it’s no secret that Michael Jackson was a creep and a deviant. We know that he was weird with kids and liked to hang out with Macaulay Culkin and his home was basically an amusement park. But now we get to hear the actual details from the young boys he abused, and it is some seriously sick stuff.

Part one basically explains how Jackson would find kids who were huge fans of his. These kids were 7 years old and usually performed as Michael Jackson at their schools or in talent competitions and whatnot. MJ brought the kids to Neverland and took them on tour with him and somehow convinced their parents to let the kids sleep in bed with him (wut). And then he would do the following:

– Teach them how to masturbate.

– Asked them to bend over and spread their bum cheeks as he masturbated.

– Asked them to twist his nipples while he masturbated.

– Asked them to get on all fours as they watched Peter Pan as he stood behind them and masturbated.

– Performed oral sex on them and… licked their butt holes (I feel sick just typing this out).

– They were basically having sex all around Neverland ranch and one of the accusers (7-year-old remember) says they were having sex so often it was like the honeymoon phase at the start of a relationship.

So yeah, extremely sickening stuff. Again we were all sorta told this about MJ but listening to the details just takes it to a whole new level. Here’s some of the reaction online:

Should point out though that ‘Leaving Neverland’ isn’t exactly unbiased. Not saying the accusers are lying but you always have to consider that theory as well, after all it’s not like MJ is around to defend himself, and from the sounds of it there isn’t much evidence aside from the stories from his accusers:

There’s always been a fair amount of sympathy for Michael Jackson because we know he was abused himself as a child, but it’s tough now with these new details and other stories like how he would play a game with the kids to see who could get dressed the fastest when he knocked on the door. He was proper manipulating and training these kids to hide what he was doing to them, so he 100% knew he was doing some sick, evil shit.

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Special mention to the parents of these kids as well. No idea what those dumbasses were thinking. But then there do seem to be a lot of dumbass parents about.


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