Who Is This Insane, Moonsaulting, Fly-Kicking MMA Fighter And Why Haven’t UFC Signed Him Yet?

Sign him up.

First of all let me answer my own question in the headline – this is Michel Pereira, a mad ninja from Brazil who just put on a sick exhibition of his skill set at ROAD FC 52 while taking down opponent Dae Sung Kim in the second round.

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Watch out for the backflipping foot stomp and springboard fly kick off the cage – holy shit:

If the UFC don’t sign this guy up for a fight ASAP, you can guarantee the WWE will. You just can’t teach that sort of in-ring/in-cage charisma. The guy is basically doing parkour around the cage while throwing his fists and feet into his opponent’s face. What an absolutely dominant performance.

Here are some more clips of him in action – the guy sure loves that backflip move doesn’t he?

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