Everyone Is Calling Matt Le Blanc A Creep For What He Said To Emilia Clarke At The Emmys Last Night


Is this really that bad?

Sometimes you gotta feel sorry for celebrities because literally everything they say or do is analysed to the point of no return, and one off hand comment that gets taken the wrong way  could seriously fuck up everyone’s perception of you, or even your whole career.

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Case in point, the reaction that everyone had last night when Matt Le Blanc made a comment about Emilia Clarke getting naked on Game Of Thrones whilst he was being interviewed with her on the red carpet at the Emmys. Is this really that bad?

I mean that’s just a joke right? And he’s only saying what countless guys around the world probably think too. Sure, that’s not exactly a great thing but I don’t think he needs to be so widely condemned for it like a bunch of keyboard warriors are doing on Twitter right now. Get a load of this:

I mean it is kinda creepy and awkward but it’s not really that bad is it? And it kinda seems like Emelia Clarke liked him and maybe even fancied him a bit too? People have too much time on their hands, let it go.

For more Emilia Clarke, here’s a photoshoot she had to get completely wasted for so she would feel good naked. Matt Le Blanc has already clicked on the link so don’t feel bad.


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