Juma Phist is back!

I hung out with my boy Juma Phist for a couple of years when we were both at University in Nottingham and he used to MC regularly at Detonate and Firefly and all those other nights at the Marcus Garvey hall and he used to rip it up. I figured he would probably keep doing it after uni – at least at the weekends or something – and that he might one day get as big as Illaman or something. But instead he went to go live in Sudan and work for some industrial company doing something that I have forgotten about and just ended up playing a lot of squash in his spare time, which probably sucked for everyone involved i.e. the fans of Juma Phist and Juma Phist himself.

About six months ago though he realised that living in Sudan was probably only going to get him killed despite the obvious financial gains and he moved to Bournemouth. Since then, I guess having been rejuvenated by the sunny vibes on the southern coast, he’s got back into MC’ing and just released a triple threat mixtape with his buddy Neffa T. It’s called a triple threat mixtape because it’s three parts, the first features drum n bass, the second is dubstep garage and grime and the final part is some hip hop for good measure, which features some pretty cool acapella stuff. Check out all three parts below:

The Triple Threat Mixtape. Part one: Drum and Bass by INDEX²

The Triple Threat Mixtape. Part two: Dubstep,Garage and Grime by INDEX²

The Triple Threat Mixtape. Part three: Hip Hop Vocal by INDEX²


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