All 4 Die Hards – In A Song

Ever wanted all 4 Die Hard movies to be summarised in a crappy pop punk song? Dreams can come true.

After breaking the news that Die Hard 5 had been announced last week, I stumbled across this dumb punk rock song about John McClane and his exploits in all 4 of the Die Hard movies. It’s a good four years old so I guess there’s a chance a lot of you might have seen it but in true Sick Chirpse style I just had to bring it to you anyway.

It really is dumb and features lyrics such as ‘Remember when we first met John McClane? Argyle picked him up from the plane and took him down to Nakatomi Tower to meet with Holly’ and a chorus of ‘we’re gonna die, die, die hard, we’re gonna die, die, die hard, we’re gonna die, die, die hard we’re gonna die, die, as hard as we can. Yippee Ky Aye Mother Fucker! Yippee Ky Aye Mother Fucker! Yippee Ky Aye Mother Fucker! Yippee Ky Aye Mother Fucker! Yeah, it really is as dumb as it sounds.

It continues and neatly summarises the plot of each of the Die Hard movies in each verse, which I guess should be looked at as impressive. I mean it makes you chuckle. I guess the whole thing about it for me though is just how lame it is. It’s the kind of idea that you might have at band practice one day and think is kind of funny, but then about two hours later you realise that it isn’t funny at all and it’s just really lame.

Except these guys – who are imaginatively (and spelled) GuyzNite – followed up on it, wrote the song, recorded it and then edited scenes from all the movies into a music video (which incidentally is kind of a good highlight reel of all 4 Die Hard films). They even re-recorded the song and wrote a special 4th verse when Die Hard 4.0 came out. Now that really is dedication to something that is really lame and kind of unfunny after a while. The video itself has currently got 2 and a half million views on YouTube. If I was in GuyzNite I don’t know if I would laugh, cry, be stoked or kill myself because of that fact.

I wonder if GuyzNite is still going? Turns out they’re not but they have a new band called The Stink. Awesome!


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