Will Smith And His Kids Are About To Drop Some Fire On His New Album

Will And Jada Smith

Time to fire-proof those ears.

Last month we reported that Will Smith had put out his first song in a decade, and it now looks like the rapper/actor is about to rain flames on the music industry once again, and this time with the help of his slightly weird children.

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According to multiple reports, the family have already been in the studio together for The Fresh Prince’s new album, with a source telling an American magazine:

They’re helping him write some material and will even sing a few songs together.

Both Jaden and Willow have released music in the past to some, err, mixed reviews and it’s also believed that Smith’s oldest son, Trey, who everyone sort of forgets even exists (see below) will feature in some form on the album, most likely as a DJ.

It’s possible that the record may even be a full family affair. Will previously collaborated with his wife Jada – who is also the mother of Jaden and Willow – on the single 1000 Kisses, and it’s predicted that he may bring her back for a song or two this time round as well.

As if this story wasn’t already sensational enough, Will’s also been in the studio with Kanye West, although it’s as yet unconfirmed whether any of the material they recorded will be on this album. Will also recently announced that he and Jazzy Jeff will be reuniting for a one-off tour, so it’s pretty much all go with him at the moment.

This is fantastic news for fans of Will Smith and the family. Not so good for those of you that think Jaden is an obnoxious ball bag though, an opinion he did little to disprove in this latest interview.


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