Watch This Transgender Man Capture His Transformation Via Three Years Of Selfies

Transgender Selfies Three Years

Incredibly moving stuff.

Time lapse videos are a massive part of the internet and there are some great ones out there like this one of Wembley transforming from a football pitch into a boxing match and this one of 1000 years of Europe’s changing borders, but this might be the most important one we’ve ever featured.

It tells the story of Jamie Raines – a 21 year old transgender man – and his three year gender transition via selfies. It begins the day he first started receiving male hormones and ends three years after that. The plan was originally to only document the changes for a year but Jamie chose to continue this for another two years as he hadn’t yet started to develop facial hair.

Jamie initially started taking the pictures to document his own experience and to ensure that there were changes in his appearance and the treatments were working, but he’s decided to release the video to inspire others in a similar position who might think that their treatments might not be working. And to be fair he’s totally achieved that because the video is very inspirational.

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Ok sure, it’s advertising a TV show (which will probably be equally as important and fascinating as this video) but it nevertheless captures an incredible journey, and by the end of it there’s not really any doubt when you look at Jamie that he ever looked anything like what he wanted to look like. Nice one dude.

Hopefully videos like this and the fact that Siri shuts down anyone calling Caitlyn Jenner by her old name will increase the transgender community’s acceptance in the world because unfortunately there are still way too many haters out there.


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