Watch This Dude Survive A Half Marathon By Necking 13 Beers Along The Way

Marathon beer

Motivation is key.

Running a half marathon can be tough. It can take months of training and getting fit beforehand to get in shape for the big day.

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Sometimes you need a little boost to keep you going and no one understands this better than Emmet Farnan, a student at Notre Dame University in America. He decided to up the game by necking 13 beers along the way – one for every mile he completed.

I’ve got to say, I would find it hard to drink 13 beers as it is, so it’s impressive that Emmet held it down whilst attempting a physically demanding task.

What a way to end the video – just by shouting “holy fuck” before falling to the ground. I’m sure we’d all do the same.

Still, I bet he felt better than these marathon runners who were chomping down on soap thinking they were energy bars. I bet their poop smelt incredible.


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