Stephen Hawking Says ‘Women Are The Most Intriguing Mystery’ In The Universe

There’s no arguing with the most intelligent man on the planet.

Stephen Hawking took part in a Reddit AMA back in July where he answered questions from the public, but for some reason this one quote is just now making the rounds.

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The questions were more or less all to do with Hawking’s thoughts on artificial intelligence (the pre-determined subject of the AMA), but Hawking also answered this one from a random Redditor:

Q. What mystery do you find most intriguing, and why?

A. Women. My PA reminds me that although I have a PhD in physics, women should remain a mystery.


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Amazing. If Stephen Hawking, arguably the most intelligent, switched-on (no pun intended) man on the planet says women are the biggest mystery in the universe, then maybe the rest of us don’t have to feel bad about not understanding them either. They say nothing’s bothering them, when deep down something’s bothering them. They say it’s cool for you to go out with just the boys, but in the end it’s definitey NOT cool for you to go out with the boys. They want to eat, but have no idea which restaurant they want to go to. The room’s too hot, then the room’s too cold. It’s an absolute mind fuck of epic proportions.

But now that we’ve got the smartest man in the world on our side it all suddenly makes sense — you’re not supposed to understand women, so stop trying. Definitely bringing this story up next time the missus tries to talk some shit.


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