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Politicians Suck Off Tabloids

The Sun - Lies And Bollocks - David Cameron and Rebekah Brooks

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The politicians are as bad as the police. Without the support of these huge “news” papers, many politicians either wouldn’t get in at all or would have their backroom muck raked all over their front porch.

Political parties totally rely on newspapers publishing stories in a way that gives them the best possible lighting and their enemies, the worst. A shitty newspaper that talks bollocks at you for 20p per day can say things like “Bloody Immigrants Spreading Disease” without any requirement to show any evidence or explain how they came to that conclusion.

Then, Conservative MPs can pick up that ball and run with it, it was published in the “news” after all.

The tits at the top (that’s what I call the Conservatives) have undeniable ties to the British press and have done for years (as did Tony Blair). The more you look, the more you find. They are mates. They don’t even really try to hide it.

For instance, private emails between David Cameron and Rebekah Brooks were withheld from the Levenson enquiry. Apparently the sap-faced goon took legal advice and was told “errrr…. yeah…. don’t let them see those, Dave.” Some sources said that the emails contain “embarrassing” exchanges. Yup, I bet they do.

The Sun - Lies And Bollocks - Osborne

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That was all kicking off back in 2012, but a little closer to today, at the back end of last year, George Osborne (tit extraordinaire) was busy flexing his schmoozing muscle on the press giants of Britain. On the weekend that Jeremy Corbyn was announced as Labour leader, Osborne met up with the BBC, Rupert Murdoch and Aidan Barclay of The Telegraph.

I wonder what they talked about? Smearing the first senior politician in years who actually seems to give a shit? It seems so. The Media Reform Coalition is quoted as saying:

“The press set out to systematically undermine Jeremy Corbyn during his first week as Labour Leader with a barrage of overwhelmingly negative coverage… A mere 6% of stories classed as news (19 out of 292) were positive, versus 61% negative stories and 32% taking a neutral stance. Any notion of simply ‘reporting the facts’ in straight coverage of breaking events appears to have had a restraining effect on positive stories only.”

I think everyone can agree (whether they like Corbyn or not) that he faced an unprecedented backlash from the dipshit media.

Politicians have been in the pocket of newspapers for many a year. It’s not a conspiracy, it’s a demonstrable fact. Even the “unbiased” and “neutral” BBC were skewing their coverage, choosing to report on whether or not he sang the national anthem. What a crock of turds.

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