George Osborne Just Dropped The Most Disturbing Quote Regarding The UK Bombing Syria

George Osborne

This is an absolutely despicable choice of words.

As if the whole decision to bomb Syria hasn’t been greeted with enough disregard by the entire country, George Osborne has just made a volatile situation even worse by coming out with some of the most sickening remarks so far regarding the situation.

Speaking at a think tank in New York, he came out with some of the most crass and downright old fashioned and weird remarks about it that you could think of:

Britain has got its mojo back and we are going to be with you as we reassert Western values, confident that our best days lie ahead.

It is for me a source of real pride that actually a couple of years later the House of Commons has voted by a big majority to take part in the action already being directed against this terrorist organisation Isis or Daesh in Syria.

(FYI in case you’re not sure what Osborne is talking about, he’s referring to the fact that David Cameron was defeated in his aim to bomb Bashar al-Assad in 2013)

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George Osborne

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Er what? Britain has got its mojo back? Really? Aside from the fact that nobody has said mojo in the past twenty years except Austin Powers, it’s really quite a despicable turn of phrase to describe the bombing of another country and the inevitable loss of life that it will cause. And also the fact that- as everyone keeps saying – it won’t really achieve anything except making the situation worse.

Saying it’s a real source of pride is even more awful though. How can anyone be proud about that? Like, who is going to talk to someone else about how stoked they are that they voted to bomb another country and it worked? Is that really something to be proud about?

If anything it should be lamented as a last resort and not celebrated, even if for some reason the only possible course of action. I can’t really see anyone every being prideful about it. Other than George Osborne I suppose. What an absolute prick.

I suppose you could argue he might be talking to a room of Donald Trump supporters over in New York so may have changed his rhetoric for them, but even so that’s just not something you go around saying. Disgusting.

It’s a shame Trump just got ‘disqualified’ from being President – maybe Osborne was preaching to the wrong crowd.


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