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New phone hacking scandals have recently come to light, and this time it is The Sun which is implicated. So, if we are very lucky indeed, this time The Sun will be shut down and dissolved. It’s as lot to hope for I know, but it could happen. The country’s IQ would, on average, jump up a couple of points.

Apparently a few recently unearthed phone hacking cases have been going on under the radar since the News of the World fandango; I guess the other divs in the newspaper industry aren’t too keen to write about it in case they get investigated too.

Along the line, Murdoch’s billy-big-ball company – News UK – has already lost £300 million over the phone hacking shizzle. That’s gotta sting, although Murdoch’s fortune is estimated to be around $11.3 billion, so he probably just sold a classic car to make it up or whatever.

Lawyers from News Group Newspapers, one of News UK’s business arms (could you use the word “news” any more often Mr Murdoch?), were recently attendant at a High Court hearing regarding ongoing hacking cases. The latest selection of claims are coming from a group of ex-employees who worked at the News of the World and The Sun.

These whistle-blowers include Greg Miskiw (above), former editor of the News of the World and Paul McMullan, former features editor and writer at both The Sun and the News of the World.

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