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So, the press and politicians are nestled up neatly together like some sort of hideously deformed twin embryos of Hades, but this is where it gets interesting. The game is (or at least, could be) changing. Tom Watson, Labour’s new Deputy Leader (above) has a long and brilliant history of fucking with the British press. He doesn’tlike them at all.

Mr Watson has constantly challenged their ethics and legality. He wound up the Murdoch monkeys so thoroughly that in 2009 Rebekah Brooks (lead phone spy lady for News UK) said, according to Alastair Campbell:

“…that so far as she was concerned, with Tom Watson it’s personal, and we won’t stop until we get him.”

Watson was there to lead the interrogation at the Leverson enquiry as part of his role in the culture select committee.  I imagine he enjoyed that rather a lot.

Hopefully, with someone who does not value the dodgy “freedoms” that News UK excersises in power, something might change.

Brooks previously managed to dodge any allegations about the News of the World hacking, but new allegations covering The Sun might bring her back into the firing line. Fingers crossed. News UK has said, of course, that it will “vigorously” defend itself. Of course it will.

It seems high time that the press was truly free of these vagabonds and that illegal spies get properly punished.

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