Eamonn Holmes Interviewed Jeremy Corbyn On Sky News And It Was Really Weird

Eamonn Holmes Jeremy Corbyn

Was Eamonn Holmes drunk here?

Eamonn Holmes interviewed Jeremy Corben on Sky News this morning and was basically completely weird to him throughout the whole interview, almost acting like he was drunk or something. in fact the whole interview was kind of like he was interviewing a television celebrity or something rather than a leading politician.

You can catch the full 12 minute interview below but some of the highlights include:

  • Talking to him about how he must be upset that Arsenal lost to Olympiakos a couple of days ago
  • Comparing scoring the winning goal in the FA Cup final to his speech at the Labour conference
  • Comparing him to a religious leader in his approach
  • Saying that caring and respect can’t be transmitted over television
  • Saying that people would accuse him of sucking up to Corbyn
  • Accusing Corbyn of being a hypocrite
  • Accusing Corbyn of hating all Tories
  • Comparing the Syrian crisis to managing a football team
  • Saying that Corbyn’s tie was shit

What the heck is all that about!? Really?

See what I mean? What an absolute buffoon. Corbyn almost acted like he was embarrassed throughout most of the interview but actually came across as fairly dignified in his answers despite having to answer such ridiculous questions.

Holmes finished it off by comparing the interview to clubbing a seal or hitting him over the head. Right. It’s a shame Corbyn didn’t switch on him like he did to Krishnan Guru-Murthy a few weeks ago to be honest.


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