The Darwin Awards: Stupid Ways To Die #5

Today’s daft deaths cover Russian poison, rattle snakes and the obligatory mongs and morons…

If this is your first dip of the toe into the Darwin Awards’ pool I will briefly explain… The Darwin Awards are a celebration of stupid people who have done us all a favour by removing themselves from our shared gene pool by dying in ridiculous ways.

Yes, it is a little macabre, but if you don’t laugh in the face of death, death will laugh in yours. And Death can laugh longer and harder than you can. You only live once, but you only die once too. Bear that in mind. Here’s the previous posts if you want to get your wings:

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So let’s proceed delicately along the River Styx, hold hands please.

Back Seat Moron

Darwin Awards - sutupid ways to die - car skiing

Our first victim today was to be found in Louisiana (2009). The Deep South is a hot bed for moronic behaviour apparently and here’s a prime cut of stupid. Tamera B, 22, was being driven to work by her boyfriend, who I imagine was long-suffering. She was joking that he was going too slow and that she could get to work quicker walking. As a humorous aid to her ribbing she opened her door and dangled her leg out. Her leg was swiftly followed by the rest of the body and she died from her fall. According to the Sherriff’s Office, he was in fact going the legal speed limit.

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