The Darwin Awards: Stupid Ways To Die #4

Today’s Darwin awards bring us litigation, night swimming, bridge jumping and bad maths. See you on the other side…

If you haven’t come across the Darwin Awards before I’ll give you a quick summary before we dive into today’s list of moronic ways to die. Basically, in a nutshell, to summarise and be brief: the Darwin awards are a celebration of people who’ve died in retarded ways, hence removing themselves from the gene pool. So the Darwin awards are a kind of ‘thank you’ to people with weak brain genes for not pooping in our gene pool.

It’s also worth noting that these stories have been independently verified, so they are about as true as the internet gets.

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So. Hades here we come…

California Burn

Darwin Awards - Stupid Ways to Die - Pool Guy

A real estate attorney in California in 2003 was cleaning leaves from his pool, like you do. He noticed a palm frond all tangled up with a power line over-head. He liked to keep a tidy looking yard so he stretched out his metal pole to untangle it and voilà, you’ve got yourself a lightly fried attorney.

Litigation was in the family blood it seems because after his demise, his family took up the mantle. They tried to sue the utility company and the pool supply store because they hadn’t mentioned to him that he shouldn’t prod electric wires with the massive metal pole.

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