Steve-O Is ‘Pushing Himself To The Limit’ In New TV Show Where He Climbs Mount Tocllaraju


He’s in a team with ten other celebrities, including Chuck Liddell.

Steve-O hasn’t really been on our screens for a long time now as he dealt with a lot of personal issues behind the scenes, but it looks like he’s finally back with this new TV show entitled ‘Pushing Myself To The Limit’.

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In the show, Steve-O is joined by ten other ‘celebrities’ including legendary UFC fighter Chuck Liddell – and a bunch of other people that would probably have their ‘celebrity’ credentials questioned in most places – with the goal of climbing up a notoriously difficult mountain in Peru called Mount Tocllaraju. Check out the trailer below:

Damn. That looks like it’s going to be a lot of hard work for everyone involved but I’m fairly certain they’re going to do it and there’s going to be a lot of laughs and japes along the way combined with all the hard times.

Kinda disappointed there wasn’t any beef between any of them during the trailer as that’s what normally makes these shows, but maybe they’re saving that for the real thing. Check it out on YouTube Red in January – January 17th to be precise.

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