Woman Spends £1000 On Elf Ear Implants For Her Wedding Day

Elf Wedding

The perfect wedding day.

It’s not exactly unusual for people to splash the cash out on their wedding day, but it’s probably slightly strange for someone to spend £1000 on elf ear implants especially for their special day.

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This was the icing on the cake for florist Suzi Botha though, who was more than willing to stump up the cash and go through the procedure to make her day as perfect as possible. This involved two separate operations to create the pointy ears via some implants – here’s what she had to say about the whole process:

PA Real Life - Suzi Botha - Elf ears

I like to think of myself as a sort of mermaid elf fairy princess.

I love how elegant and ethereal elves are – there’s something very feminine about them.

I first heard about the elf ear implants via a YouTube video about 18 months ago and absolutely loved it. I have no regrets at all.

They numb the ears first via an injection which, for me, was actually the most painful part.

Then, they cut through the cartilage at the top of your ear and feed the implant through, which has been made to fit.

The skin then sort of stretches back over and it’s left to heal.

Like with any sort of body modification, there was a risk of rejection but, thankfully, I’ve had no problems.

I saved up really hard to be able to afford it, figuring that, if I was going to have something like that, it might as well be as dramatic as possible.

I had a go hard or go home mentality, so that’s why I got the second implant, to make them even more pointed.

PA Real Life - Suzi Botha - Elf ears

The wedding was great. We hired a tattoo artist to ink up our guests.

Some of them said, “Why would you do that?” But I just thought – why wouldn’t I?’ ‘

Most people think they’re really pretty. My dad, Colin, isn’t so keen. He doesn’t like tattoos or anything like that, but my mum, Annie, has a few, so she’s a little more open-minded.

She actually came with me to have the second implant done, and was asking loads of questions. I told her she should get some, too, but she wasn’t convinced.

When I’m out and about, people don’t actually stop me as much as I’d like. I can see them glance at me, but I think they don’t know what to say. I wish they’d stop and chat, as I love talking about my ears.

I don’t think I’ll take them out, I’ll just keep going bigger and bigger, for as long as my ears will allow.

My artist is fantastic, he’s kept in touch with me this whole time and always advises me how to care for them.

To anybody thinking of doing the same, I’d say find someone as professional as I have, and talk to people who’ve had it done, so they can answer any questions for you.

I absolutely love my ears, they were worth every penny.

Well yeah, I’m glad she liked them and enjoyed her wedding day, but I’ve gotta really ask why anyone would enjoy having ears like that, especially when it completely hurt to get them done? Can’t really understand the attraction as they don’t even look that elven and pointed compared to people like Legolas.

Not really sure why you would wanna look like him in the first place either, but hey if it makes you happy, go for it. Hope you get your ears as pointed as you want them Suzi.

For more elves, check out this guy who actually turned himself into one. Way more impressive than Suzi’s transformation if I’m honest.


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