Jim Ross’ Commentary On A Little Kid Interfering In His Sister’s Wrestling Match Completely Smashes It

Kid Interfering

Good God Almighty.

Sticking Jim Ross’s outrage WWE commentary over any clip is one of the oldest tricks on the internet now, but sometimes someone puts it on a new video and it really is pure fire.

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Case in point, this video below of a little kid interfering in his sister’s high school wrestling match. The guy clearly has no idea what’s going on and just saw some dude trying to hurt his sister and he wasn’t having it – which is awesome enough – but when you put good ol JR’s commentary over the top of it, it really does turn into one hell of a video:

Jokes – I love the little kid waddling on just like Stone Cold would run down when his music hit and run in and stunner everyone. Could probably have added some more commentary for when his dad comes in and takes him away, but I suppose this dude can’t think of everything. Would also liked to have seen the crowd go wild again too, but I suppose you can’t have it all again every time, can you?

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