Someone’s Made The World’s Largest Super Soaker

Worlds Largest Super Soaker

Watch out.

Sometimes you really have to wonder where people that make ridiculous YouTube videos get the time, effort, resources and money to embark on their odysseys. This is absolutely one of those times.

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Annoyed by the fact that regular Super Soaker guns weren’t squirting far enough, these dudes decided to build the Super Soaker 50 which is easily the biggest one in existence. It’s seven foot long and squirts at 272 miles per hour, so probably shouldn’t be fired at anyone ever because it’s powerful enough to split a watermelon in half.

Here’s a nine minute video detailing its construction and seeing it in action:

Wow, it’s literally like a laser how it slices through the watermelon and the banana eh? Not really sure how good an idea it was firing it at the kids later on, but I suppose they had some adults supervising them so they didn’t do anything too crazy.

Not really sure what use the world’s largest Super Soaker actually serves other than looking really cool and maybe chopping up watermelons easily, but I’m glad it exists. Not really sure anyone is going to be mass buying them anytime soon though.

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