Minneapolis Police Arrest A Black News Reporter For Reporting On The Riots

Worst idea ever.

The situation in Minneapolis right now is pretty much out of control after three days of rioting following the murder (yeah I said it) of George Floyd by a policeman and it seems like nobody in the city wants things to get back to normal after even more unbelievable footage emerged.

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Omar Jimenez is a reporter for CNN who was covering the riots when a bunch of cops literally decided to arrest him, even though he was clearly live streaming what was going on. Throughout the video Omar is respectful and polite and keeps asking them where he should go to continue his news report – it seems like the original grievance emerged because the cops didn’t like where he was standing – but they still end up arresting him:

I mean what planet are these idiots on? If there’s one thing that’s going to make the situation markedly worse at this point then it’s arresting a black man live on camera for doing absolutely nothing wrong and yet they’re still doing this. I would say it’s unbelievable but the world seems to have descended so far down a pit of satire that nothing really surprises me any more.

I know I keep saying that it’s a bad idea that they’re doing this on camera and obviously it would be a bad idea even if they weren’t but the fact it’s a live broadcast of a reporter from a major news network makes it about a million times worse. Not even exaggerating on that figure either. Cops are fucking useless.

For more of the same, here’s some footage of the riots in Minneapolis. It’s not


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