McDonald’s Are Giving Out Free Cheeseburgers Today

McDonald's CheeseburgerMcDonald's Cheeseburger

Say goodbye to Blue Monday.

Blue Monday is here – apparently this is a new name for the day that has officially been labelled the worst in the year – but McDonald’s have decided to help get you through this blip by offering everyone free cheeseburgers today.

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Of course there’s a catch, but it’s not actually that big a one this time. All you have to do is download the McDonald’s app to your phone and then order a cheeseburger from your local McDonald’s and head in and pick it up, then just enjoy eating it I guess.

Cheese Burger

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It’s going to be pretty annoying having that app on your phone because you just know that it’s probably going to send you loads of push notifications about McDonald’s deals all the time that you’ll be powerless to ignore. You could always delete the app straight after you’ve claimed the burger as well, but I think we both know that nobody is going to do that. Deleting apps just seems like such an effort, you know?

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