Seth Rollins Destroyed His Knee While Powerbombing Kane In Ireland, Is Out For 6-9 Months

This was absolutely BRUTAL.

Majorly bad news from the WWE show in Dublin the other night — Seth Rollins was fighting Kane for about the 1000th time and managed to tear his right ACL, MCL and medical meniscus while trying to powerbomb him from the top rope. Basically — his right knee is completely shredded to fuck.

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The guy’s such a badass though that he got back up and finished the powerbomb:

The worst thing is that Rollins is now out for 6 — 9 months and has to vacate the title which will apparently be given to someone new at the end of a tournament at Survivor Series in a few weeks. No word yet on who’s in the tournament:

So yeah, really bad news considering Rollins is one of the more exciting guys worth watching and puts on the best matches these days. Question is who’s going to be the new top guy? Roman Reigns? Sheamus? A returning Daniel Bryan? Only one of those would be acceptable and it’s the most latter.

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