Bam Margera Is Looking Completely Screwed Up These Days (VIDEO)

Bam Margera’s not looking too great these days, even by his standards.

Bam Margera’s life has seemed like a bit of a shit-show ever since Ryan Dunn died, even by Bam Margera standards. From humble beginnings to MTV super-stardom to beating the shit out of his dad on the toilet to getting battered by Icelandic rappers.

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Well it’s been a while since we heard from Bam, but this week he resurfaced on a TV show called ‘Family Therapy’ in which he reveals just how out of control his life has become.

Watch below:

Man, that’s depressing. Not just the fact that he’s in this state but the fact he’s on a show called ‘Family Therapy’ basically exploiting how fucked up he is. I don’t know what this show’s track record is for actually helping people but who knows, maybe it will help.

It’s a shame really, because he was looking much better in this gnarly footage he released back in January.


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