Akon Delivers Shockingly Sexist Rant Saying Men Are Superior To Women And Can Replace Them With Incubators

Akon doesn’t understand how babies are made.

It’s a good thing Akon made all his money already, because he just came out with one of the most cancellable takes of all time while appearing on Joe Budden’s podcast. Get a load of this:

(Video should start at 1:54)

‘As a woman, her role is to support the man. The men, we are the kings and the divine of this universe, a woman can never to compare to the man. They have to understand that here in America.

The women don’t create life, they support the creation of life. The man is who creates life, we’re gods, we are the ones that create life.

Let me give you the example of the science of it. A man right now can create life without a woman, but a woman can’t create life without a man.

If I wanted to create life right now with a woman, I would shoot my sperm, put it in an incubator and give it nine month, even maybe less with today’s science, and a baby will be born.

A woman can’t do that. So men, we are the creators of life in actuality.’

Wait… does Akon actually think that if you put sperm inside an incubator, it will become a human in 9 months? Or “maybe less than 9 months with today’s science”? What a joker. Who the hell taught this man sex education in school?

Naturally, Akon’s comments have kicked up a lot of fuss online and people are really upset with him, but I don’t think he’s too bothered given he’s saying this sort of stuff in the first place and seems to deeply believe it. But I guess this is the sort of spiel you can expect from a guy who’s building a whole city named after himself in Africa, to the tune of $4.5 billion. You can pretty much do and say as you like when you’re working with that kind of cash.

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