Watch This Guy Demolish The New ‘Ramen Burger’

ramen burger

We like showing you weird/disgusting/cool food from around the globe and this is one of them. The new ‘ramen burger’ from Japan.

ramen burger

You ever tasted ramen? It’s supposed to be pretty awesome but to me it sounds really basic and doesn’t come across as something you’d wanna chow down on and it’s like something that you were made to eat as a kid, but you actually hated the stuff and only ate it so you had a bit of leeway and were allowed to stay up past 9 and watch the sex scenes on the telly with your mam and dad.

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I mean, ramen is just noodles with meat or fish broth slopped over the top and I stopped eating things with faces ages ago so I wouldn’t wanna eat this stuff anyway, but for such a simple dish it’s really popular and is – apparently – cracking to ease a hangover. Still, though, each to their own and the simple things are the best sometimes so ramen could be as good as it’s made out to be. This picture doesn’t help the case at all, though.

fish ramen

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We regularly check out the coolest and weirdest and most disgusting things that are happening in the food world, as we’re all fat and wish Gordon Ramsay was our dad and mostly everyone enjoys eating unless you’re Nicole Richie or the Olsen twins (they used to be fit though, right?!) so our stuff about food is always well-received by you lovely bastards. Shit, I’m even eating as I’m writing this and the chances are that you’re probably filling your faces, too, which goes to show that Sick Chirpse is like a beacon to eating, much like own-brand Spar cheese and onion sandwiches are a beacon for diarrhea.

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And this is another cool/weird/disgusting piece of food for you. It’s by the same guys who were behind the burger with 1000 slices of cheese and the burger with 1,050 strips of bacon so, much like their other stuff, it involves a bloke slamming food down him and the food being ugly, humongous and looking like something you’d find in outer-space. This time, the bloke – known as Mr. Sato, who’s the same bloke in all their videos – faces up to a beast of a ramen burger which is a new addition to the Japanese fast-food chain, Lotteria. This burger contains 10 big servings of ramen which are sandwiched between the bun and a pork fillet. The ramen looks like over-sized string from a swollen zit.

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