No One Hates Jeremy Corbyn More Than Rachel Riley From ‘Countdown’

I don’t think she likes Jeremy Corbyn very much.

Rachel Riley has wound up a lot of people this week with a custom-made T-shirt calling the Labour leader a ‘racist endeavour’.

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Rachel, who is Jewish, has been Tweeting anti-Corbyn sentiments for months and the other day shared the following during the Boris/Corbyn debate on ITV:

Along with the Tweet she shared her custom-made kit:

The image on her T-shirt shows Jeremy Corbyn being arrested in London in 1984 while protesting apartheid in South Africa.

In the original photos Corbyn’s shirt reads ‘Defend the right to demonstrate against apartheid’, whereas Riley has edited it to say ‘Jeremy Corbyn is a racist endeavour’. Hah, owned?

As you can imagine there’s plenty of people going nuts at her on Twitter, calling for her to be sacked etc:

Rachel seems pretty convinced about the evidence that Jeremy Corbyn is an antisemite though:

Looks like everyone is just going to have to agree to disagree with Rachel Riley. It’s pretty obvious she isn’t going to change her mind about Jeremy Corbyn and it sounds like her worst nightmare is Corbyn being given the keys to number 10 in December. She says she doesn’t endorse Boris either – who is she going to vote for?

To be fair we’ve got a pretty crappy pair to choose from IMO. I don’t think either candidate is going to accomplish what they say they’re going to accomplish and they both know it. They just have to keep telling their respective supporters what they want to hear and then will cross that bridge when they get to it. I’m amazed they even want to be PM because who ever gets it on December 12 is in for a media shit-kicking.

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