An Official Breaking Bad Video Game Is Coming To Mobile Later This Year

Breaking Bad Mobile Game

It’s been a good few years since Breaking Bad ended, but the well loved television is still talked about fondly which is why there’s a feature film based on it coming out next year and now an official mobile game being released this year as well.

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The game will see you play an unnamed associate of Walt and Jesse’s and see you navigate the complex moral decisions and strategy elements that are part and parcel of running a successful drugs empire. Gus, Saul and Mike will all appear as well, in a game that’s been described as ‘The Rollercoaster Tycoon’ of the drugs industry.

What’s more is that it has the official blessing of series creator Vince Gilligan, who said the following about it (scope the teaser trailer for it below as well):

We’ve had a great time working with FTX Games.

They care as much about the details as our creative team, and I have been very impressed with their commitment to building an authentic extension of the series’ story universe. think this will be a fun experience for fans, to interact with characters from ‘Breaking Bad’ in a completely new way.

I mean it sounds like it’s going to be good if it’s got Gilligan’s blessing doesn’t it? And in terms of gameplay it sounds like it’s going to be a bit of a smasher as well. Just need the release date now but at least it’ll give us time to practice saying ‘I am the one who knocks’ a bunch of times.

For more Breaking Bad, check out all the details about that Breaking Bad film coming up soon. Gonna be a good one.


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