This Girl Could Be The Next Ronda Rousey – Watch Her Crack Some Skulls

Paige Van Zant

Paige Van Zant is turning heads not just for her looks but because she loves punching people in the face too.

We’re always posting about Ronda Rousey because she’s currently the most talked-about UFC star out there, but we could quite quickly be turning our attention to another female superstar in the making with the emergence of Paige VanZant.

Van Zant is a 21 year old straw weight and is currently on a 3-0 winning streak since her UFC debut (although she has already lost one fight in her career so far, it was only by decision), with her next fight scheduled as a headliner against Joanne Calderwood at UFC Fight Night on December 10th in Las Vegas. VanZant is talking up her chances of a title shot, and if we see her win this one then chances are she’ll be handed one with her next fight against the current champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk.

Given that she’s 10-0 in her UFC career though, that’s not exactly going to be an easy fight for VanZant. However, she’s definitely got the moves as you can see in the video below where she completely annihilates her opponents from her first two UFC fights. She basically just loves getting people on the floor and punching them in the face.

It’s also got a cool dubstep remix of the Saw soundtrack as the accompanying music.

So what do you think? Has she got what it takes to become the next Ronda Rousey? Stay tuned, but from the looks of things she’s got a lot of momentum going into her next fight so watch out for her. It probably won’t be long until she’s calling out Justin Bieber for being a dipshit.


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