Dave Grohl Invites His High School Nemesis On Stage To Completely Embarrass Him In Front Of Everyone

A+ payback moves.

The story goes that this guy, Chet Lott (standard high school nemesis name), defeated Dave Grohl in the ninth-grade battle of the bands back when they were in school together at Thomas Jefferson High School.

Naturally this was devastating for a budding musician like Dave Grohl at the time, but I guess he fought through the pain and of course eventually went on to become one of the most successful (and all-round lovable) musicians on the planet.

But when performing on stage in Memphis recently, he knew Chet was in the crowd and decided to exact some long-awaited revenge (as if going on to become a famous musician wasn’t enough).

He told the crowd about that night back in high school:

I don’t know what we were thinking – we played the theme from ‘Footloose.’ Guess what? We lost the battle of the bands. Tonight, here in the audience somewhere, the man that beat me in the high school battle of the bands.

After the performance, Chet told Grohl, “We may have won the battle, but you won the war”, which is just an absolutely perfect thing to say after all of that. You’ve definitely won the war when you’ve got the guy to sit before you on your throne on stage and basically make him your bitch in front of thousands of people. Love it.

If you need more reasons why Dave Grohl is just a straight-up stand-up guy – check this out.


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